Au revoir

Yes, time for me to row row row a boat.

Right out of here, I’m afraid.

What I’m trying to say Erimentha, God bless her, is retiring.

Those of you who know me will soon know where I’ll be writing after this. Those of you who don’t, just email me at blog.erimentha at gmail dot com, and I’ll be happy to give you the new blog address. Or leave a comment on this post. Just de-lurk, will you? Because I’m going to.


Current MIAP (Most Irksome Aspect of the Patriarchy): that it is beyond the bounds of our collective imagination that a woman and a man who calls, or has at any time called, her ‘ma’am’, may be romantically involved.

I don’t know why

this kind of thing continues to shock me.

I mean, we women have been responsible for how men behave for ever and ever and ever. Every right we have has been and continues to be restricted on the grounds of how our exercise of it is likely to affect men.

So why does it continue to shock me?

For my tax students


the committee feels that taxing employers based on the type and number of manpower they use has a good rationale and should be considered seriously for implementation

Critique (teehee!). The report is here. You might want to note the date.


It can make or break a day, sometimes. And I’m living in a city that makes my hair curl (literally!) Can you blame me for not liking the place?

Back to square one?

Have you ever had a moment of absolute certainty slowly taken apart till you’re no longer even certain you’re you?

A proposal you’ve made in complete confidence been accepted, and then you aren’t so confident any more?

I seem to be at sea, but it might not be a bad place for someone who wants to make a living looking for pearls, huh?

So, about what I’m doing now. I’ve gone and tied my fortunes to a budding idea. Thankfully it’s one┬áthat the institution I’m with is willing to tie itself to, too. Which means we sink or swim together. Right now, we’re floating. Just about.

It’s a spanking new university. Well, some parts of it have been around for the past 200 years, but as a university, it’s spanking new.

It’s a women’s university. I still wonder, sometimes, about that nature of the space. I definitely don’t think feminism is something only women are (or should be) interested in; at the same time, the fact that it is a womens’ space makes talking about gender and feminism much easier. The ‘exclusiveness’ of the academic spaces I’ve inhabited so far has always niggled; so working in a space committed to inclusion is wonderfully liberating.

At the same time, liberty is scary. This is a women’s university in a rural area – the kind of place that has only existed on the fringes of my reality till date; the other side of my nowhere, so to speak. Being at liberty here is exciting, like being an explorer. And just the little, teeny-weeny bit scary that makes it extremely fun.

I need to go back to school.


I have a new name for this blog, signifying the growing-up I’ve been doing since I started it (yes, indeed), as indicated by the increased frivolity(!!) of the subjectmatter hereof and my heightened awareness of my self(-ves?).

I almost lost the pseudonym, too.