We don’t need no education

Daddy Long Legs was telling me he needn’t have gone to law school to study law – with a reasonable grasp of English and access to the right books, he could have become a lawyer all by himself. I don’t mean to sound dense, but isn’t the point of college that you get access to the right books, and a chance to learn about the ones you haven’t gotten round to reading yet? Kanga and Palkhivala’s tome on Income Tax, for example?


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  1. Sheesh…you say one little thing and it winds up in print the day after. I’m getting famous.

    And if the point of law school was mere access, then all a law school really needs to do is provide a reading list. Why have classes? Do they significantly add to a student’s understanding of a subject, if that student didn’t really need the books he or she read explained?

    I don’t think any law school would imagine that it had little to offer apart from access to resources. Why bother being anything more than a library otherwise?

    Its about the extent of guidance thats required(remember?). A reading list is guidance. All it really does is cut down on the time a student would take to find the appropriate material himself. It is on the assumption that a student would find such search and identification time consuming that reading lists are valued. And such assumptions get weaker as legal resources get classified and structured better, i.e. more accessible.

    Law school or a law teacher, makes things easier by reducing the effort(and time) required to understand, by identifying ideas and communicating them. A student would find it tougher without that (by how much depends on his ability), but that does not mean he’s incapable of taking those steps himself. Moreoever, if a teacher has not the ability to do either effectively, it might be even easier for the student to reach independently the same stage that tutelage under that teacher would have brought him. The better a teacher is, the more sense it makes for the student to learn from that teacher, but only in terms of the time it would take that student to reach the same level independently.

    You’ve oversimplified my position, methinks? Not good. And doofusness isn’t a word.

    Hope you had a wonderful evening despite airing of said idea.


  2. Only the better colleges, maybe…

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