Current MIAP (Most Irksome Aspect of the Patriarchy): that it is beyond the bounds of our collective imagination that a woman and a man who calls, or has at any time called, her ‘ma’am’, may be romantically involved.


4 Responses

  1. While the converse has been legitimised by countless M&Bs?

  2. Now why do we crown THIS the most I of any number of AP’s??

    Hmmm? Hmmm?

    The imagination is going wild….

    And clearly you haven’t seen Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men. If you admit that as illustrative you might rethink what is and what isn’t within the bounds of collective imagination.

  3. So erimentha, how many times have you been called ‘Ma’am’ and more importantly by whom?

  4. Very suggestive post that. And what is this collective imagination anyway? Does it mostly belong to family members?

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