For my tax students


the committee feels that taxing employers based on the type and number of manpower they use has a good rationale and should be considered seriously for implementation

Critique (teehee!). The report is here. You might want to note the date.


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  1. I read this yesterday, initially i thought they were talking about ‘tax students’ and not taxing students! Anyways good thing i don’t belong to a ‘premier institution’ or do i? and either way I’m not looking a foreign job.

    But ‘taxstudent’ and ‘another tax student’ are.

  2. Taxstudent was visibly outraged at this move!!!

    Firstly, how do they ensure that Clifford Chance pays a yearly fee for hiving off approx 20 law students every year? The applications are online, the interviews are local only for the sake of convenience. Even these will be shifted out of India to avoid any tax problems, much to the inconvenience of applicants.

    Secondly, what countries in the world implement this? The report only says “many countries” without providing a single example.

    I do not have any intention to work abroad. I think it is kind of disturbing that so many law students prefer to work abroad than in India considering the kind of money that has been spent on them in Law Schools across the country. Yet, the Government (and many lawyers and judges) seems to think that all students who do this are somehow “unpatriotic”, imagining that the “problem” can be solved by compelling them not to go. The same attitude is seen with regard to rural service for doctors, while casually ignoring the conditions that make rural service so despised and disheartening for otherwise concerned caring individuals.

    If it is supposed to be a disincentive to hire Indians, a cheaper solution maybe to cut funding for all educational institutions and make sure that not a single graduate from a government institution is employable. It’ll save a lot more money and ensure none of them leave India.

  3. Also, when I first read the report, I thought they were talking about tax students leaving India, so wondered what I had done overnight to merit a newspaper report 😉

  4. Sour grapes thoery would prompt me to say “Yes!! the tax should be imposed at all costs!!”

    It’s always the exposure, that supposed widening of the horizon(lucre of course, lurks there all the time) that prompts us humble beings from the Middle-of-Nowhere to fill out lengthy online forms, rejoice at being shortlisted and swot it out for the interviews. It is also currently the done thing. (There. some angst vented!)

    PS:@taxstudent: U will come back after studying?

  5. There more ‘middle-of-nowhere’ to open soon. Tax more these tax students.

  6. I meant three more ‘middile of nowhere’ to open.

  7. @another taxstudent: Unless I find myself in jail or dead, I propose to. 😉

    At latest count, some 22 students seem to have applied to one of the big shot foreign law firms, with many more for the three-four others who are recruiting.

    I suppose we will hear more pontification about this in a couple of days from some CJ or the other…

  8. A Smith: You have forgotten how to spell.

    The rest of you: start a message board for that discussion; don’t waste blog space!

  9. I’m getting checked for dyslexia. wow! i just spelled a ‘hard’ word correct!

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