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Before I start posting about work (as I’m very likely to start doing; I’m having a hard time not blogging about it!), I thought I should tell you about a certain classroom I visited in Bangalore. This was a first-year class of law students in a five-year course. I was asked to talk to them about ‘anything at all’.

And what a class it was! We started a little tentatively, but then got on fine. I think I might have gotten a little bit tedious, but they were all very polite about it. And at the end of the hour, a kid (who is going to grow up gorgeous, by the way) came and asked me how to find time to read fiction and stuff while in college.

And that set me thinking. Even with people who aren’t in college any more, I increasingly get a “nothing, really – no time, you know” response to the old “so, what have you been reading lately?” conversation-opener. Has everyone stopped reading or what?!

(I hope not; what will I do for conversation, then?)

But back to that classroom and that going-to-be-gorgeous kid. I never had a problem finding time to read stuff in college – no one I knew did, except maybe around the time we wrote the PIL exam. And I don’t think that was only because we ignored the class reading lists, either. We either had memberships at Eloor or that (then) new place in Vijayanagar, we borrowed books off people who had memberships, or we just borrowed books and I, for one, learnt not to lend mine around.

So, have class reading lists become heavier? Have teachers become stricter about having read the stuff on the lists? Why do people tell me they have no time to read?! 


6 Responses

  1. Methinks I no like you no more.

    “Learnt not to lend mine around…”

    I mean really…

  2. Time? have more of it than ever. Have read more books than pre-law school days! Ask the kid to relax and shop for books.

  3. To paraphrase a famous line from a famous movie (The Graduate)

    “I have one word for you, just one word: Internet”

    I find myself surfing a lot more, and reading somewhat less, so I am not entirely guilty of it either.

  4. Dare I say gtalk is the culprit?

  5. LOL
    I agree with taxstudent. The Internet, yo. The Internet. *spooky music*
    Does reading stuff on the internet count?

  6. I agree with a smith ! In fact having to attend classes is what gave us so much reading time in college in the first place :p

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