Just a quick word…

…before I take off again. I’ve been an amazingly bad blogger lately, thanks to problems I’ve been having with MTNL’s broadband connection. And now I’m off for a week to Bangalore, so Canace will be a bit quiet.

 In the meanwhile, today’s shocking advertisement of the day:


Then there’s the news that Renuka Choudhary wants a ‘pregnancy registry’ to ‘regulate’ abortions and prevent female foeticide. That’s a bit like saying register all births to prevent murder, isn’t it? And will be about as effective, I imagine.

And the story of the woman who pronounced triple talaq on her husband. As I remember the peering prof saying from the front of the classroom, that’s a valid divorce, though not a ‘good way’ of pronouncing divorce. And that’s because ideally, the three talaq pronouncements should be separate, allowing time for the pronouncer to think it over and make up their mind. But the Muslim Personal Law Board thinks otherwise; what do you expect?

And, if you can call it ‘news’, this. A hundred years of the bra is a hundred years of ‘sexy’?! Let alone the idea that the function of the bra is sex-appeal and not comfort, that sentence, the first one in that article, is so ugly. Actually, don’t let alone that idea – think about it – why the focus on the ‘sexiness’ of bras, and not their functionality?

On that note, I’m off – those of you still reading, I promise to be good once I get back!


4 Responses

  1. Such a brilliant ad. Reflects social realities. Given that it’s a govt. advert, I’m just glad it isn’t ass backwards.

    It’s the ToI, what on earth did you expect? Eloquent prose?

  2. Even if it is the TOI.. the article is quite disgusting, to say the least.


  3. >.>
    That is one sick ad.
    That fat dude with the mustache on the left is creepy. Where do they find these people?

  4. And what excellent functionality it is!!!

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