I’m back!

The three of you who noticed I was gone, I love you!! For those who didn’t, well, lucky you!

Anyway, I’ve been gone for a while because I’ve been changing jobs, cities, houses, lifestyles, and all that leaves little time for blogging. But I do have tons to blog about – the new job (from ohwowwhatajob to whatamIdoingherehelp), the new city (verydifferentfromwhenIlastlivedhere), the new house (atlast!) and the new lifestyle (livingwithpeoplewilldrivemecrazy).

Apart from which, the Presidential polls are coming up, and we have a woman poised to become President. Any discussion of the Presidency takes me back to a classroom in which two white-haired profs almost came to blows over the Supreme Court in Bommai, refereed by a third prof who looked like a thug in a Tam movie, and watched by a classroom of students hoping the little one on the left would punch the taller, red-eyed one out. But I digress. So, Patil for President was another thing to blog about.

Then there was the demise of TomaytoTomahto. Tipsy’s fans (yeah, that’s optimistic, I know) can find her old posts on TomaytoTomahto at TipsyToes, but she might not actually blog any more. RIP, other blog.

I also wanted to blog about recalcitrant parents, travelling with recalcitrant parents, and living with recalcitrant parents. Also married friends, the abundance thereof, and the scarcity of the other kind. Oh, I had lots to blog about, I just didn’t manage to do it.

But now I’m back.


5 Responses

  1. Well, its really nice to see one of you back, though i would have liked to the other two more. You killed A Tom!! he was the best! thankfully you left Tipsy Toes, though she wont be writing much i presume.

    So, hows the new home/house and room mates?

  2. Actually, Tom committed harakiri, killing himself and badly injuring Tipsy. Erimentha escaped.

  3. Tom committed harakiri? and the cause being?

  4. Now, how would I know?

  5. Yeah, how would u know! Anyways RIP to A Tom and his blog. Hopefully TT will recover and one day return to her pre-Tom’s harakiri life.

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