That rather disorganised feminism series of mine that I promised to resume? Well, it’s coming back!

Tigtog led me to ThinkingGirl, who thought up Feminism Friday. And since it’s such a great idea, I’m going to join up. Instead of random feminism posts as and when I feel like them (though those will happen too), you can look forward to one every Friday.

In the meantime, I’ve been seeing this all over the place, and I can’t help but link to it. After all, Mr. Shakes says what I’ve been trying to say, and does it better than I ever can:

One of the greatest bulwarks against men accepting the feminist movement* is that they seem to think that women gaining power must necessarily dilute their own exclusive powers and status. But in so holding onto this erroneous notion, they forget that they themselves are powerless in the face of the corporate plutocracy that now weighs down so heavily upon all of us. If they could get their heads around the fact that they too are powerless and insignificant and ignored, they would stop trying to beat up on the kids they perceive to be weaker and instead acknowledge their own weakness, ally themselves with them, and move forward with them in a new movement that would grant greater freedoms for all of us. It shouldn’t be about trying to maintain some illusory advantage over others. It should be about trying to create concrete advantages for all of us.

If men were smart, they wouldn’t fight against feminism. They would embrace it for what it really is: Humanism. (And stop fretting over whether the term “feminism” is exclusory; its principles aren’t.) They would incorporate the principles of all civil rights movements and collaborate with their proponents on the genesis of a vast humanist movement. Instead of feeling threatened by or put upon by these movements, instead of feeling they somehow denigrate straight, white men’s lives or their ability to be who they are, men would apply these ideas in an effort to improve their own lives, along with everyone else’s. What we need to do is confer all the rights and privileges that these men have traditionally enjoyed upon everyone else, and then, once we’ve done that, we can start thinking about what new rights, obligations, responsibilities we can confer on everyone, in order to make our society a more egalitarian and fair place to live.

Men need to get it through their heads that they, too, are under the heel of power structures that have no interest in promoting their welfare. They must understand that the rights and privileges that they have hitherto been enjoying fall far short of the privileges they could enjoy were they to try and achieve them. The internecine warfare that occurs between women and men, people of color and white people, straights and gays, as they all squabble like schoolchildren in an attempt to gain or deny rights, is exactly what those in power want. They promote it, they foment it, they do everything they can to aggravate it, because they know that if we were all ever to get our fucking shit together, and demand that the society we all live in and contribute to should be fair and decent to everyone, then the egregious wealth and power that they enjoy would finally meet its end.


And while I’m on a linking spree, I can’t get the pics to load on this, which as Twisty says, is

…a bummer, because, although they are mostly pictures of stuff you see every day — like when you traipse on by the warrior-beating-down-the-enemy statuary at the Royal Palace in Prague, or buy a pair of “Hulk Hands” (giant electronic green plastic fist-gloves) for your kid, or watch an ad for a video game (any video game), or see “Lord of the Rings,” or watch the news, or pick up a bag of “Severed Fingers” chocolates at Marks & Spencer — viewing them one after the other, with the author’s disgusted commentary, grippingly illustrates the saturation depth that that winning combination, the normalization of violence/the paradigm of dominance, has achieved.

Let me know if you know a way to get those pics to load!

Update: Thanks to Andre (in the comments), I can now link to those pics here!

*I’m terrible to do this here, I know, but I just love that he uses ‘bulwarks against’; isn’t it a great phrase to show how protection= exclusion, so much of the time?

So much to say…

…and so few words!

So much has happened, and very little been written. I won’t try to talk about all that has happened; let me pick up bits and pieces of them, though (like bright coloured pieces of glass from shattered bangles, I’m tempted to say; were there shattered bangles in these past few days?)

Well, there was the film festival, during which many movies were watched; one was watched twice (the jewel among the shattered glass pieces, I am tempted to say, but how meaningless, to compare it with this or this)! So much movie watching was done, indeed, that at one point, walking into a darkened theatre, I went blind for a good two minutes – my eyes were too tired to adjust to the lack of light, and I walked into a wall!

There were exams (the only feedback I get now is Gtalk status messages, where once people walked into my room to moan and groan, is that the shattering of bangles?) There were papers, there were deadline extensions, there were all the things that keep me on my toes. There were unexpected (and unplanned for) holidays, inescapable trips; all the things that make me hopping mad (yes, on my toes).

There were mysterious emails, opening doors and yet making me work to keep them open; there were hand-holdings over the phone (yes, that’s possible); there were early mornings and a scorching sun, a city baking slowly in the heat. A wedding, a baby born.

Yes, there was lots to write about, and too few words written.