Shut up, Mr. Police Officer

Gautam (formerly known as Blr Bytes) points me to the mind-numbingly-misogynistic Police Statement of The Day:

For a typical rape case the judgment is fine but in cases like this the accused should be given a chance to repent provided the victim also wants to give him the chance,” says T S Chakraborty, Additional IG, Prisons, Orissa

He’s talking about the SC judgement in which the court said that proposing marriage to the victim wasn’t a reason to condone rape. You know why? Because rape is not a compoundable offence. You know what it means? It means the injury of rape is not that of leaving the woman ‘tarnished’ and ‘unfit for use’, but that of sexual assault. The Supreme Court recognised that.

And much as Mr. Chakraborty would like to think otherwise, non-compoundable means non-compoundable, not “non-compoundable except where the prison officer, in all his misogynistic ignorance of the law, thinks it ought to be compoundable”.


One Response

  1. You said it! The misogynistic mindset is the hallmark of an inferior, cowardly, stupid and small-minded person. Just because it has somehow clawed its way into a position of some or any authority and just because it happens to be hung with certain organs, a human organism cannot claim to be a man.

    And another thing, a manly man does not have to be a big man. Size may be good but it is not good in all situations, it is not necessary and it is certainly no guarantee of anything!

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