“influenced by some western culture”

Today’s paper carried, on the front page, news of a student killed in a campus shooting, right here in my very own city. Investigation details were in the local news on an inside page. And guess what the Assistant Commissioner of Police has to say?

 We’re yet to ascertain who is at fault but it seems the students are influenced by some western culture of sorts

Right. You see, we don’t have campus gangs here. Those scenes in our movies, from as far back as I can remember, the ones that go like the first couple of paragraphs of that news report, they are depictions of ‘western culture’. Western culture is bad, you see, bad bad bad.

2 Responses

  1. I guess the Asst. Commissioner is refering to the recent Virgina Tech incident. ‘western culture’!

  2. Virginia Tech was not gang warfare. It wasn’t even aimed at one specific victim (as far as I understand). So I don’t think the ACP was talking about Virginia Tech. I think it’s just easier for him to say ‘western culture’ than to blame our very own glorification of violence for what happened.

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