“Why do you turn everything into a feminist issue?”

“Have you seen that ad? How sexist can you get?”
“Which one?”
“The Kamasutra personal care range one. ‘I let my daughter wear Kamasutra’.”
“I think parents should have some say in what their children wear…”
“That aside, why does it have to be daughter? Why not son?”
“That’s extreme – you see sexism everywhere!”

Um. Sexism is everywhere. And as someone says, “The first big privilege which … males … can work to alleviate is the privilege to be oblivious to privilege.”

Men have the comfort of being oblivious to patriarchy and sexism, because more often than not, it works in their favour. Women have to fight that very same patriarchy and sexism every single day.

That’s why.


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  1. Very true.

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