So much to say…

…and so few words!

So much has happened, and very little been written. I won’t try to talk about all that has happened; let me pick up bits and pieces of them, though (like bright coloured pieces of glass from shattered bangles, I’m tempted to say; were there shattered bangles in these past few days?)

Well, there was the film festival, during which many movies were watched; one was watched twice (the jewel among the shattered glass pieces, I am tempted to say, but how meaningless, to compare it with this or this)! So much movie watching was done, indeed, that at one point, walking into a darkened theatre, I went blind for a good two minutes – my eyes were too tired to adjust to the lack of light, and I walked into a wall!

There were exams (the only feedback I get now is Gtalk status messages, where once people walked into my room to moan and groan, is that the shattering of bangles?) There were papers, there were deadline extensions, there were all the things that keep me on my toes. There were unexpected (and unplanned for) holidays, inescapable trips; all the things that make me hopping mad (yes, on my toes).

There were mysterious emails, opening doors and yet making me work to keep them open; there were hand-holdings over the phone (yes, that’s possible); there were early mornings and a scorching sun, a city baking slowly in the heat. A wedding, a baby born.

Yes, there was lots to write about, and too few words written.


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  1. was wondering where you were

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