Inspired by a limerick-athon*

Has anyone noticed how the weather
Is running about hither and thither
The afternoons bake and while the nights don’t chill
They do tell us summer isn’t here still
And it’s bringing me to the end of my tether!


Long long days of evaluation
Are followed by yet more examination
Setting papers and correcting them
Coming across an occassional gem
The lows and highs of teaching taxation


Working weekends and hatin’ it
Bunking classes and lovin’ it
Takes me back a few years in time
Inspires me to write a rhyme
And makes me wonder where I’m takin’ it!

*It was on a mailing which I don’t belong to and which BikerBoy threatened me with bodily harm if I invaded, so…


2 Responses

  1. You frequently misspell occasional.

  2. All the time, I think. Thanks for pointing it out.

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