Blanking blankety blank blank

Is the usual reaction to street harassment, isn’t it? Muttered under your breath, sometimes shouted aloud? Well, last year, Blank Noise organised a blogathon on Women’s Day (8th March), asking people to write about their experience of harassment. The posts took me all week to finish reading – partly because there were so many of them, but also because it was overwhelming in a lot of ways.

I blogged then for the blogathon, and it was catharsis, of sorts. The response in the blogosphere made me examine my own reactions, too – when and why did I curl up and ignore harassment, when and why did I react in some cases? What made harassment, harassment? How often did perceptions of who the letcher was influence my reaction to letching? Why?

It’s been a year now, and now Blank Noise has another online event planned for this March 8. A celebration, this time. Here’s the email I got about it:

This year for Women’s Day we’re asking you to share experiences of times when you were an ACTION HERO and fought back against harassment.

Blog about your experience, and let us know so we can link to you on our blog.

When did you flip a situation so you could resist, when did you give back as hard as you got? How did you choose to confront the situation? When did you become an Action Hero?

We hope that this response helps us understand the different strategies women (across age groups, cultures, and countries) have instinctively created to deal with street sexual harassment. (If you’re a male blogger, ask your female friends and relatives about their experiences.)

Here’s how to participate:

1. blog your story (as soon as possible, and definitely before March 8!)

2. email the link to your blog post to with
a subject titled “Action Heroes Online”

3. we will link to you right away!And don’t forget your non-blogging friends and family members — we’d love to hear stories from your mothers, aunties and grandmothers!

If you’re not a blogger, please feel free to email the action testimonials instead. We will upload them on a new blogsite. ( WWW.BLANKNOISEACTIONHEROES.BLOGSPOT.COM)


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