… to make up for having disappeared for so long, I’m posting for the second time today.

No, I haven’t resumed the feminism series yet, but I will. In the meanwhile, reading this (which I discovered through Feministe) sort of put that series in context. Ilyka says a lot of the stuff that I wanted to say to some people, but didn’t because I couldn’t say it so well. Instead, I started off the feminism series.

“You should have a beginner’s blog.”

“Periodically someone says as much, but that’s a lot of work and boring to slog through if you already have some idea. I used to think a feminism 101 blog would be great, but anymore I’m like, ‘No, you can take your ass to the library. Or take a women’s studies class.’ But you say that last one, it’s like you suggested the dude go castrate himself.”

“That’s what I think I figured out–I shouldn’t expect one of you to walk me through everything.”

“Right. You don’t get a tour guide. That costs extra.”

The fact that this isn’t a feminist blog in the sense that they’re talking about in that conversation makes it easier to play the tour guide, I suppose. Or maybe it is the missionary impulse: I-will-save-their-souls-if-I-can. Or just, as I said before, an excuse to talk about my favourite subject in a semester when I don’t have any other.

Whatever it is, it will be back!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks, erimentha. I hope you’ll let me know when the series comes back so I can do what I can to promote it.

  2. Thanks, Ilyka, I will!

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