We have a crawling heater

It’s one of those things that blows hot air into a cold room. Small, rectangular, has a stand on which you prop up the front so the hot air blows upwards. (Doesn’t hot air always move upwards, anyway?)

Well, the little rubber thingies on that stand, the ones that are supposed to cushion it so that the heater’s vibrations don’t transmit to the ground and make a racket, they are a bit worn. So it doesn’t make a racket, but it slides.

Okay, not slide – that sounds rather fast for what this heater is doing – it crawls. Rather like an irritating baby that won’t stay still on the sheet, it wiggles around till it’s upside down (okay, backways front) and blows all that lovely hot air into the wall.

‘Portable’ gadgets shouldn’t port themselves, should they?


3 Responses

  1. Well,, yours just needs to focus itself and it’ll start getting good grades.

    Mine, (which is a wierd assembly of pipes and a large mouth organ type thingy), when not on its dinner break, hisses and splutters at odd hours of the night, and there are times I’m almost convinced its saying something.

    Possibly an ancient curse. That its usually the witching hour doesn’t help.

    We’re being good little boys for all we’re worth. And Santa as nothing to do with it.

  2. Try drying clothes on it. That usually quiets them down.

  3. yes miss.

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