The princess looked hard at the choices before her. Unsuitable, Uninteresting and Incorrigible, she’d labelled them – ’twas getting really hard to remember all the fancy names.

She’d been through this routine for three years now, and as she’d been warned, the choices got worse every year. But at least she could do most of it by rote now. “How things have changed since then”, she thought. “There was a time when I would’ve picked Unsuitable without a second thought… and if it didn’t work, well, my whole life lay before me…”

“Even Incorrigible would’ve gotten marks for persistence – at least the hope that it may last.” She smiled at the thought.

“And Uninteresting wouldn’t have stood a chance. Just being Uninteresting would’ve meant being out of the running. Safety, comfort, niceness didn’t matter at all”

Three years, and she’d changed so much. She’d learned to value ‘niceness’ and comfort. And that persistence wasn’t always a virtue. And of course, now the rest of her life didn’t seem that long. In just three years.

She sighed. Three years of buying her own clothes, and look how she’d changed!


2 Responses

  1. Your fiction’s never fiction.
    I lowes.

  2. Isn’t it, now?

    Thank you! 🙂

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