Three little birdies wanted to fly west. They had their reasons, you see. Different ones each, I mean. And they didn’t really know each other, but since they were all planning to fly west, they thought they’d make a pretty formation in the sky. A nice ‘V’, they all agreed, could be made with three birds.

Two of the birds were young and strong, but they weren’t sure. The third wasn’t, either, but she put on quite a show of exhorting the other two that they could, they should, it was meant to be. She painted pictures with words, or tried – pictures of the wonders they would see as they flew, the wonder that awaited them at journey’s end.

But then the doubt began to eat at her too. If these young ones felt they had no right to challenge the winds, what made her think she could? They had brains, and courage, and strength, and youth. All she had was the arrogance to think she could try.

The youngest bird decided not to go. She felt too unsure of her wings, she said. And she loved home; and she wasn’t sure west was where she wanted to go. The eldest talked her back into the trip, but it wasn’t enough. There were too many reasons not to go.

The middle bird wondered whether he should. The youngest told him why she wasn’t, the eldest told him he should. He looked for someone to help him decide, put it off for a while, and then felt it was too late. Or was it? He saw signs and portents as confused as he was. What now?

The eldest? She was too far gone, drunk on the wine of flattery and false confidence. She would try, though a little voice kept asking her how she would survive the fall, what she would do if she was thrown back to earth. Her bravado, she hoped, would carry her through.


6 Responses

  1. ..
    Basically whatever happens we’re all birdbrains.

  2. “drunk on the wine of flattery and false confidence”
    Those give the absolute worse hangovers. I hope she turned out fine. Do you know?

  3. “absolute worse”??
    I think I must be drunk myself.
    I meant ‘worst’, of course.

  4. BikerBoy: Ever doubted that?

    Tharunya: tee hee. And not yet.

  5. you know.. I’m thinking the middle bird’s the hero of this story.

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