The Awesome Foursome and the Mystery of the Hunk

Minty smiled tentatively at the pretty South-Indian looking girl standing beside the staircase. They’d just ‘adjourned for tea’ after an introductory session where they’d all been asked to introduce themselves, and all she could remember from it was that a guy behind her had said he liked to cook; she’d wanted to see who it was, but he’d sat down before she’d had a chance to turn. So she still didn’t know anyone. Well, she better get down to knowing someone, and this girl looked like she knew how Minty felt.

Her parents were with her, worried looking father, bravely smiling mother, it was as if she was seeing a mirror image of herself and her parents. Except, of course, the faces were different. And the sizes. And… well, here goes.

“Hi! I’m Minty” was met with a bright, relieved smile. “Dips”. “These are my parents,” Minty was about to say, when she saw that they’d already begun to introduce themselves. “…the bank” she heard her father say, and smiled to herself as she turned back to Dips. “So, which hostel are you in?”, asked Dips, “We came in late yesterday, so I got put into one of the empty rooms in the senior hostel.” “Oh, that’s wonderful! So did I!” Having discovered that their rooms were across the quad from each other gave them the confidence to ‘go mingle’, as they’d been instructed to do upstairs.

“Gosh! Look at that hair!” said Dips, just as Minty caught sight of the slender, scared looking girl standing at the edge of the crowd. Dark, straight hair tied into a braid that was already coming loose, cut into a litle-girl fringe in front, the girl introduced herself, and they agreed to meet back in the hostel that night.

Eight p.m. Minty and Dips reported to the fifth year girl in-charge of their hostel (“Disco check”, they later learnt), and asked if it was okay to visit the other block. “Of course”, she smiled, “be back by twelve, though”, and shut the door. The two walked down to the other block, and found the room. They knocked, and BB, as they were calling her by now, opened the door. “Hi!”, she said, “apparently all the girls in the class are meeting up on 209, upstairs. Shall we go?”

The girls walked down the corridor and turned the corner, only to bump straight into a short, spectacled girl with rather wild hair. She smiled up at them. “Are you going to 209? I’m in your class, I’m Chutku, from Nepal.”

The four of them opened the door of Room 209, where a bunch of girls were sitting on the bed and floor of the right hand cubicle. They looked up as the four entered, and a fair, long-haired girl in the corner took up introductions. Soon the conversation took up from where the others had broken it off.

“So, tell us more about this guy, na…” “Oh, he’s gorgeous! Tall, good looking, built like a model…yummy!” “You know, he’s Bong!” “And his name rhymes with mine!”

“What are they talking about?”, BB turned to Dips. “Some guy”, answered Minty, trying to figure out who the conversation was about. “A guy? Why?”, asked Chutku. “I think one of them – no, more than one – likes him”, sniggered Dips. “I think the whole bunch does”, that was BB. “I wonder who it is – did any of you meet him?” The other three shook their heads in unison, but then, they’d only met a few of their classmates yet. “Let’s look for him in class tomorrow”, they decided, as girls began to leave, giggling, to get back to their rooms.


17 Responses

  1. Cheers! A good start, and I crave for more!

  2. Clues, clues, clues. But the tall dude didn’t have so much between the ears. Or so I like to console my short-self with…

  3. that does remind me of the first few days!

  4. Baud: Thank you!

    Observer: That’s not a clue… unless you were shorter than me, even!

    Dimmy: Doesn’t it, rather?!

    Kunal: No!

  5. Eyyyyyyy
    I wants 😦

  6. Tharunya, I hope you’re talking about more of the Awesome Foursome series… 😉

  7. Maybe I had the wrong Bong in mind.

  8. Why, Observer? Whom did you have in mind?

  9. Tall and was a model.

  10. And why do you think the guess was wrong?

  11. Shorter, taller. I’m not very smart you know.

  12. So easily? Surely you can ferret me out.

  13. Not worth the trouble. Keep your anonymity; after all, I keep mine!

  14. No you don’t. You forget, I know. You and Dimmy.

    Now put some grease into that elbow!

  15. That’s okay; I can live with that!

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