The Adventures of the Awesome Foursome

Borrowing shamelessly from Baudolino (who’s given me permission, by the way), I’m going to attempt a Nancy Drew meets 3.someone (yeah, I don’t aim very high) series on the adventures of the Awesome Foursome. Fiction. Of course.


9 Responses

  1. Right, right, why not?! And um… I don’t ever remember giving ‘permission’, but what the heck! This looks like fun! Full steam ahead, Erimentha!

  2. Would the Bong be a Bong-type Guj or purely a Bong?

    Just curious. hee hee hee

  3. Baud: refer your reply to my first comment on the latest episode of 3.someone!

    Divya: What Bong?

  4. Thank you for the Baud 😀

  5. the bong who’s mentioned in your blog…

  6. Oh – the wrong post! But no, he’s not Bong type anything. And I can’t imagine a gaggle of girls going ga-ga over the Baud (if that’s who you’re referring to!). But apparently teenagers nowadays go ga-ga over anything that appears on a screen…

  7. hey!
    Don’t dis the teenagers! Some things who come on screen nowadays are a sight better looking than in the 60s. Or 70s. or 80s

    i mean, Dev Anand?? Mithun Chakraborti?? yurgh.

    About baud: i wouldn’t know. never seen him.

  8. Whew! What vehemence! One girl’s yurgh may be another girl’s yumm and all that… And if you had seen Baud, you’d realise why the thought that I was referring to a Bong-type Guj is hilarious!

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