The hols are about to begin…

… and what shall I do with myself?

Should I try out those wings again?
Or lie back on a cushion
And keep ambition in rein?

I wonder whether Delhi’s going to be cold
Should I pull out the sweaters, musty and old?

Calcutta calls, Bombay beckons,
But with Bangalore, I’ll have to reckon
Tread carefully, try not to trip
Once I’m back, not to let myself slip

Enjoy myself, or worry to death?
Should I write, paint,
Or weave a wreath?

Two months of hols,
Oh, what shall I do?


9 Responses

  1. Enjoy yourself, methinks. Chill, freak out, hve fun and suchlike.

  2. Oh, most definitely! The question is, how? πŸ™‚

  3. Bangalore?

    Bangalore? Really?

  4. Well, don’t plan for once! As John Lennon, in a moment of inspiration, said “Let it be!”

    Go live at coffee shops, observe people and how random they are!

    Check out DC in the morning to figure out what you can do for the rest of the day.

    Bottomline, don’t plan!!!

  5. bombay! bombay! bombay! why bangalore?

  6. Coffee? Bookstores? Something?

    You have the email…

  7. If, if, if.

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