Two great big ones. I’m living at my aunt’s place, and they have a Labrador and a Doberman. Great Big Dogs. I love Great Big Dogs. They love me too. And therein lies the problem.

The Doberman thinks jumping up and pawing me, trying to lick my face, is the best way to show me how much it loves me. And while it works fine for my 6 ft tall, well built male cousins and uncle, poor little me does not appreciate being crushed like that. The Lab suffers from delusions that it is a lap dog. It wants to be petted all the time, and it took two full days to convince it that it wouldn’t fit in my lap. Both of them get really excited when they hear me at the gate, and come hurtling down the stairs, barking their heads off, to greet me. So I usually enter the house in a boxing stance, using the right arm as a guard and the left hand to keep them off my poor delicate clothes. If I manage to get upstairs before they get at me, I drop my books and drop into a crouch the moment they see me, so as to present the minimum surface area for slobbering over. I’ve taken to closing the bedroom door at night, ever since the Lab decided to make sure I was okay by nuzzling my face while I was sleeping, causing me to wake up screaming. And thank God I’m not taking classes any more, because my lungs are getting all the exercise they need from yelling “Down!”, “Sit!” and “No!” at the dogs, and from trying to make myself heard over their barking.

Sigh. I love Great Big Dogs.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks Erimentha, for visiting my spot. Really like your place out here – very soothing to the eye.
    Gathered you were in the hospital, so hope all’s well!

  2. Thats what you think.

    Eventually you’ll start to miss the whirlwind receptions, and you’ll start leaving the bedroom door half open just so the lab can come in if he/she wants…

    Mark my words.

    That said, are you a cat person then? Most people are one or the other.

  3. Ano: Thanks! And yes, all is well, thanks again.
    Mr. Nair: Did you not get the point? I love great big dogs.

  4. Oh, I like this place you have here.
    The rant, rave, converse is a coincidence, right? Right?

    Almost you have me wanting wordpress.

  5. Tharunya: Coincidences happen. Sometimes, they are engineered.
    I used to be on blogspot too, but now find wordpress nice. 🙂

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