of Rahul Bose dressed as a pirate inspire this post. If I get it out of my system, it might stop plaguing me!

Two movies last week – Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest and Pyaar ke Side Effects.

Pirates was great fun. Johnny Depp as Cap’n Sparrow is Cap’n Sparrow, of course. The movie’s hilarious. Even Orlando Bloom is more likeable than in the first movie. There’s a wafer-thin plot, which leaves us dangling till the next one for the ending, and the story takes inordinately long to unfold (I couldn’t tell what was happening till the second half began), but as long as I can watch Jack Sparrow while I wait, I don’t mind. Watch out for the fight in the giant water wheel – I nearly fell off my chair laughing. All in all, really funny in the slapstick, slapdash way we expect of the Cap’n (and if you don’t like him, don’t watch it.)

PKSE on the other hand, just don’t watch. We actually walked out halfway through the second half. It started promisingly enough – witty, fun, wisecracking its way through. Then it started playing through every stereotype in the book. And in the movies. There isn’t any attempt to round out any of the characters – they’re all just the stereotype and nothing more. The commitment-phobic boyfriend. The nagging girlfriend who wants marriage. The girlfriend’s bitch of a best friend. The boyfriend’s horny slob of a roommate. The girlfriend’s overprotective father. The sister (could’ve been his or hers, but his because he’s telling the story) and her husband who don’t seem to serve any purpose in the movie, except to provide a foil/sub-plot of some kind. The break-up. The respective new girlfriend/boyfriend. I’m sure there would’ve been a reconciliation if I’d waited for it.

I know the movie’s supposed to be irreverent fun, but that doesn’t mean you reduce your characters to a bunch of caricatures! And why, oh why, the urge to have a ‘Baby Girl 3’ subplot? One that went on and on with no end in sight? And Rahul Bose talking to his penis is supposed to be funny? The references to ‘having coffee’ are supposed to be funny?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a prude. But I find this sort of unproblematised sexual objectification disgusting. It’s what happens in porn, not in a supposedly hip and sophisticated look at relationships and commitment.

No wonder I have nightmares!


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  1. avast me hearties! why are there pirates ALL AROUND me of late? did you know tomorrow is “talk like a pirate” day? i kid you not! haha 😛

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