Lagey Raho Munnabhai!

Yes, I went and watched it – immediately after the conference! Well, not immediately, but the day after, which is soon enough! We (yeah, as usual, BikerBoy, BikerGirl and li’l me) went to Sangeet.

Sangeet’s little and dingy and uncomfortable compared to the brand new theatres sprouting up in the city, but I think I like grey better than red. Sitting in those little crowded chairs, looking at the dirty chandelier as I climbed up the stairs, wondering when the little bits of metal sticking out of the chair in front would manage to get me – all worth it to be able to laugh loudly, clap, shout, and generally enjoy the movie as it ought to be enjoyed.

And that’s what I loved about it – the sheer madness of the movie, the joy, the abandon with which it was all done. The willingness to be mushy and sweet and syrupy, and the ability, inspite of it, to make you laugh, not cry. (Or laugh through the sniffles and tear-wiping, as I was doing.) All the stuff that translated into making me comfortable enough to laugh out loud, to sniffle and giggle at the same time, to clap, to even repeat dialogues!

Munna, this time around, is in love with an RJ with Gandhian ideals, and in the course of learning about Gandhi to impress her, develops a chemical lochcha that makes him see and hear Gandhi, whenever he wants. Great fun and numerous sub-plots result, all of which tie in with each other in a tighter script that I have seen in quite a while.

Munna and Circuit must rank among the great movie couples of all time, and they deliver again – amazing chemistry, wonderful comic timing, they are having fun, and you can see it! Vidya Balan is good, really good. And pretty too. Bringing in almost all of the old cast in the bit parts was a wonderful idea – it tapped into nostalgia for Munnabhai without making this a sequel to it. Boman Irani didn’t have to be Punjabi/Sikh – why did they make him?! But that’s practically my only grouse with the movie.

Loved it!


2 Responses

  1. oops..posted this in the wrong place…in the post below…hope u can delete that…i couldnt…pasting it here too

    hi…I saw it on saturday, in a little hall in boston. Great movie. I have been a little saddened by the tendency to heap abuses on Gandhi which we see in India nowadays and it makes people like me a little apologetic for still finding him admirable. This movie managed to get its message across without being preachy and it was a load of fun too. Dont you feel that the whole Bhagat Singh/Subhash Bose vs Gandhi debate is happening in indian cinema now…in the form of Rang de Basanti vs Munnabhai 🙂

  2. I managed!

    And that’s quite a thought, actually. Both movies are looking at forms of resistance, and making different choices – I suppose it is interesting. And there was the terrorist in Fanaa in between, and also consider Sanjay Dutt’s real life involvement with violence… nice hodge-podge of thoughts that is!

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