I’m not a career-minded bitch

At least not by the standards of the article I discussed in my last post. If you remember, Mr. Noer’s career woman makes more than US$ 30,000 a year. That’s more than I make, so I don’t fit. But I’m still going to have a tough time finding a guy to marry. Ask why.

First off, I’m a career-minded bitch by every other definition. I want a career. I love my job. I don’t know if I’ll love cooking and cleaning as much as I love my job. I don’t think my job is a surrogate for motherhood (or vice versa), so I’m unlikely to quit working to raise kids. (And yes, I’m a slob who can make a man sick.)

And I want a man who not only is willing to accept all of the above, but (hold your breath) someone who won’t think my work outside the home is less important than his, even though I’ll never make more money than he does. Who’ll value my career by what it means to me, not by what the job pays. Who’ll catch my eye when someone says “that’s a good job for a woman” and smile a smile that’s meant just for me.

See what I mean by tough?


P.S. Read this!


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