Predicting the weather

A bank of black clouds. It just decided to pour down in sheets… straight, erect rain, without a wind. No respite from the sultriness of yesterday.



As the black dissolved into an indeterminate grey, I could smell the rain again. Settled into a steady – what? rain. No more. Not a downpour, nor a drizzle. It’s cooler now.



The breeze’s picked up where the rain left off. Faintly scented with mud, faintly with leaves. In through the window, out through the door.

The sky is turning blue again.


4 Responses

  1. This is pretty!
    And I see you and Sruti are having heaps of fun. Am turning a pale shade of green

  2. The entry, or the new layout? 😉 Well, get here early and you can join us!

  3. The layout…and the entry too.
    I AM getting there early…thursday it shall be

  4. Thank you! And wonderful!

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