Playing Chaperone

Yesterday, BikerGirl and I played chaperone to a bunch of kids at a movie, so we got to watch Bommarillu. Apparently the movie’s set to become a hit, and I devoutly hope it does!

First off, it has Siddhardha in it – the cute kid from Rang De Basanti (yeah, shame on me, that’s how I identified him!) Now, that kid is not just cute, he can actually act. And how many Telugu movie heroes can do that? Of course, it also has Genelia playing the female lead – and she has a very irritating mudarababy attitude, baby-talking her way through the role. But apart from that, even she does a competent job with her role – and she actually has one! More on that later. Prakash Raj, another handsome man who can act, plays S’s father, and the rest of the supporting cast are competent too.

The story is quite simple – LeadBoy has controlling but affectionate Father who makes all his decisions for him – even chooses a girl for him to marry. Please note, this is not an evil controlling father, just an affectionate one who happens to end up controlling the lives of everyone in the family because he loves doing things for them. So LeadBoy simply develops a different personality for home and a different one for outside. Not very different – just makes sure his parents don’t know about the fights he gets into, his drinking bouts with friends, his jumping walls in the middle of the night…

Now, after LeadBoy’s engaged to GirlChosenByFather, he meets LeadGirl, and promptly falls for her free-spiritedness. This free-spiritedness is supposed to be evidenced by her tendency to make friends with everyone she meets, and a most irritating tendency to behave like a baby. Never mind, the idea is good – he falls in love with a person, not a face or a body.

Which brings me to the LeadGirl – she has a clearly defined character, instead of the singing bimbettes most movies thrust on us. She loves opentop buses, goes twenty kilometres to have a coffee at her favourite place (the bit where the cafe guy, her friend, yells – “rendu coffee, special – cuppu kadugu ra! – is priceless!), wants icecream in the middle of the night, tells everyone everything – she would be lovable if she didn’t screech her way through all of it! She even has a normal reaction to learning the LeadBoy is engaged to another girl – she tries to ignore him, but ends up telling him to choose – she can’t go around feeling sad all the while, she says.

And there’s none of the usual camera gazing at parts of her and reducing her to her breasts/waist/face/eyes/hair/toenail business either – I really couldn’t believe I was watching a Telugu movie!

Anyway, to get back to the story, the Father finds out about LeadBoy’s little romance, storms a little, and LeadBoy convinces him to let LeadGirl live in their house for a week before he decides that she is ‘not suited’ to his son. Rather unbelievable, but still…

So LeadGirl spends a week in LeadBoy’s house, unwittingly letting everyone know everything that he’s kept secret – from the fact that he doesn’t like white down to his plans to start a business of his own. Each time she does this, he scolds her, and they make up. Till the last time.

The day the Father is to announce his decision on LeadGirl, she interrupts him to say that she doesn’t want to marry LeadBoy. He’s not right for me, she says, and walks out.

The movie ends happily, of course, and the scene where LeadBoy tells his father exactly what went wrong is a lovely piece of melodrama. Not overdone, no blaming, no loud dramatic music in the background, but still enough melodrama to warm the hearts of a Telugu-movie watcher.

So, overall, I was pleasantly surprised. Go watch it, you will be too!


2 Responses

  1. i love the movie a lot but i want to find out who wrote this article and kill him slowly and painfully

  2. […] My first death threat. Does this qualify? (No, no, look at the comment!) […]

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