I’ve blogged before about the birds – building nests in my window. Making happy chirpy noises outside my window. Doing bird-stuff. That was a pair of sparrows, remember?

Well, today there was a new bird. Grey, with a black head and a black tail, a little tuft on top of its head, and a bright red tush. Yeah, bright red, under the tail. Anyway, this new bird got into my room today. Must’ve come in through the door and flown right over my head to perch on the window, but I didn’t notice till it started flying around in distress trying to find a way out.

I opened a window for it, hoping that the sparrows wouldn’t take it into their heads to explore this new door out of their nest – then I would’ve had three birds in my room! The stupid new bird, however, decided to ignore all efforts to lure it to the open window and just fly about the room making scared little noises. I tried everything – even holding pieces of roti at the window to entice it that way, telling it to “fly lower, a little to the left, careful now…” No use! Stupid new bird refuses to leave.

And then, for a minute I turned my head away to talk to someone, and when I turned back, it was gone! The silly little thing had just been scared of me all the while!


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