Been away

for a couple of days, and have made some interesting discoveries.

1) People feel insecure when they see someone more successful than them. Rather than do something about their lack of success, people would rather blame the successful people for being successful. And most funnily, they would rather judge who the ‘successful’ people are by their (judgers’) standards, even if the people (the judgees) don’t consider themselves successful because they march to the tune of a different drummer, have different standards of ‘success’.


2) An Iranian woman, headscarf and all, thinks Indians are conservative because everyone asks her whether she’s married – are all Indian women expected to be married, she asks. And goes on to tell me that women in Iran marry later because the Islamic state prescribes a lot of restrictions for married women. Her words, not mine.

3) Sometimes, a person’s face can light up even if they don’t recognise you – that feels lovely.

And today, 4) a quote I can’t get out of my head : “The heart has reasons that reason knows not of”. Blaise Pascal said that – the same Pascal that Pascal’s law of hydrodynamics is named after. And apparently, a lot of other things.


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