Mumbai is our middle finger*

Bruised and battered as it is, it’s what we show The Terrorist.

If (as his name suggests) he was trying to scare us, he succeeded. We all felt that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach as we heard of the blasts. We were afraid for people we knew, loved or hated. We were horrified for the ones we didn’t. We turned our faces from our TV screens, unable to watch the blood and gore, the mayhem he’d created. We found ourselves unable to change channels, flipping through just the ones that carried scrolls on which we hoped to see a familiar name.

Yes, we felt fear.

But he should know that courage is not the absence of fear, but the power to look it in the face. To give it the finger, to go on in spite of it.

Mumbai, you are our middle finger.

* Inspired by the message I got this morning from a friend in Mumbai:

“All okay on this front – at home, lots of people from office and our classmates as well from other places who couldn’t go home have landed up here, so we’re cooking for them and stuff… The spirit of this city is amazing – people are out on the streets handing water and food to the crowds trying to get home…”


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  1. Really loved this one.


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