Sundays like this…

…need to be recorded!

I went with a couple of friends to see Vikramarkudu. It’s a movie about moustaches, a volcano and why water is life-giving. It also appears to tell some sort of a story about a good cop in Chambal who has to run away to Hyderabad to protect his motherless child, and find someone who looks exactly like him to take care of her, b’coz the bad guys have left him dying. Since the only qualification is that the substitute father should look like the real one so that the kid doesn’t know that her Dad is dead, the kid ends up with a thief and con-man who gets turned on by pinching women (I swear, I’m not making this up!) on the waist. Of course, when the con-man learns the whole story of why he’s been dumped with the kid, he decides he has to wipe out the bad guys, and so goes back to MP to finish them off.

Oh, the moustaches belong to the good cop, who refers to them in every dialogue possible (As one of the people watching the movie with me said, that’s another generation of Gult guys doomed to mustaches). The moustaches are very important. They make the cop the virile, potent, strong, able-to-kill-without-blinking, wrench-iron-rods-with-bare-hands, jump-off-the-thirteenth-floor-and-live, survive-shot-in-head-at-point-blank-range, good guy that he is. And if he weren’t all those hyphens, there wouldn’t have been enough of a movie to fill three hours.

And it’s the shot in the head (see last set of hyphens above) that creates the volcano. It leaves the cop with a splinter in his head, that causes one of the blood capillaries to swell up like a balloon, which is, in the words of the white-coated person who appears for twenty seconds in the pre-interval half of the movie, “a volcano waiting to erupt”. The volcano is important because it’s the reason the cop has to leave his daughter with the look-alike con-man. Without the volcano, this would be just another good cop v. bad guys movie.

And the volcano also demonstrates how water is truly the drink of life. When the cop’s volcano gives him those unbearable headaches that cripple him so he’s at the mercy of the bad guys, he has to dunk his head in (hold your breath) water to cool the volcano down so that he can recover. I swear. There’s an entire fight sequence where he’s almost dead till it starts raining and he recovers from multiple head-bashings, sword cuts, stabs and other miscellaneous gory things to finish off the bad guys.

You must have realised by now that the volcano and the water are just plot devices – the real story is that of the moustache. It is the moustache that the cop promises to shave off if there’s a single bad guy left at the end of said fight sequence. It is the moustache that he swears by when he maros a really good line about how ‘let alone harming my daughter, if you even think about it I will hit you where it really hurts’. (Ok, he says something more impressive, actually, I just can’t remember what. Even though he says it twice.) It is the moustache that he twirls when he rescues the wife of his junior officer from the bad guy who’s decided to ‘keep’ her for a couple of days. And the moustache by which he is identified when junior bad guy decides to play a little strip tease that turnn fatal for him. Oh, that moustache, I tell you, is such a hero!

Me want a moustache…


Of course, there was much more to the Sunday. There was the fact that we got ‘couple seats’ for three, the clapping at the ‘punchline’ dialogues (and simultaneous translating in loud whispers) that got us a ‘keep it down’ from our neighbours, soggy corn puffs, oily potato crisps.

A damp-ish ride home, coffee, tea, and a long, long, conversation that lasted as long as the movie.

Definitely a Sunday worth recording.


5 Responses

  1. Oh! We went for a movie today as well, only to be turned away since the only tickets available were for, as my friend put it, a movie called Vikramaditya. I’m assuming it was the same one as this.

    Slight clarification. It’s the virile, potent, strong, …guy who dies, right? Slight contradiction, but anyway, but the guy fighting in the 2nd-5th paragraphs is the cop or the waist pincher?

    ‘Couple seats’ for three = Sensation?

  2. This post has been removed by the author.

  3. AB, not even moustache wielders can overcome death. The cop admits that. In fact, there’s this fantastic dialogue where he says that he lives in fear every day – fear that when death comes, he will not be able to look it in the eye and twirl his moustache because he hasn’t been true to himself so yes, it’s the cop who dies.

    And both fight. Ever hear of a movie-man with a moustache who didn’t?

  4. That was fun-nyyy! take me? i also must watch the moustache!
    oh, and note to AB: Candy stealer! that prize was MINE! 😛

  5. Ah! So a movie with all angles covered. Solid, no-loophole story. I must move from Mithun movies to Telugu cinema!

    @Vinaya:Candy! Pink could have been candy floss as well…. :).
    I know it was yours, which is why I’m giving her a tough time customising it for me 😉

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