Is it just me?

Ever have one of those days when seeing a glass of milk on a counter can make you cry? When you’re so tightly stretched that you just need something to breach the dam? The dam that you’ve built up so carefully, the facade that you’ve created so beautifully, so no one knows how strong or weak the foundations are: not even yourself? When seeing a glass of milk on the counter when it should have been in the fridge can push you over the edge?

Do you have someone who, just by talking to you, not even knowing what’s simmering beneath the surface, can calm you on a day like that? By smiling at whom you suddenly feel those foundations grow stronger? Listening to whom you start smiling, and even before you realise it, the milk has boiled and not split?

People like that are your safety ropes, aren’t they? They anchor you to reality. They are the reason you don’t give up climbing.

I’m trying to hook on to a new safety rope. I don’t know if it’s actually tied to anything up there – it’s scary. Suddenly, I find that the old ones aren’t within reach anymore. They will swing back, I know, but right now, they’re at the other end of the arc (or swinging away, or swinging back). And I don’t know how to knot the new rope – I’m clumsy, I’m afraid of making a mistake and losing it, and the rope’s different from any I’ve had before.

And I’m having one of those days.


6 Responses

  1. Interesting…… we have a little crush, do we? Or am I totally off the mark? (That’s a risk one runs with abstractions.)

  2. And another thing about abstractions is that they apply across the board – that comment made me ‘start smiling’, see?!

  3. @amateur blogger
    Isn’t it funny how both our minds went to the same thing? Freudian? does it say something about us, or the post, I wonder? 😀

  4. I’m sort of discovering how many safety ropes there really are, now!

  5. @Erimentha: Watch the milk! watch the milk!
    Anyways, I’ve realised abstractions can sustain my interest only when I know what’s being abstracted. So tell…..

    @Vinaya: To be honest, I haven’t read much of Freud, and the part I have, I doubt applies here ;).

  6. Not telling?

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