I’ve been tagged! I suppose I should thank Chinmayi, but I think I’ll wait till the end to decide whether to thank or to kill…

The tag: To write a post with six weird facts or habits about yourself. I’m also supposed to name the six people I will tag next and leave them a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged and to read my blog. So…

1. This one you’ll know, if you’ve read my blog before. I’m finicky about spelling and grammar. While I don’t think of every ellipsis as a sin, I hate sloppy spelling and bad grammar and things that make language difficult to read.

2. On the other hand, I love finding language used out of context that makes for puns or just funny imagery.

3. Which brings me to the third thing – I turn words into images in my head. So, if we’re debating K-serials in class, I can see Smriti Irani playing the dutiful bahu, adorned in heavy saree and two tons of jewellery. Big problem sometimes.

4. I suppose this should be number one, but it’s not, because I don’t think it’s weird, but a lot of people do/would – I wear my hair short ‘coz long hair’s a pain to manage, but I wear sarees all the time! (Changed because apparently, it’s not weird) I carry handkerchiefs. In this day and age of use-and-throw, carry everywhere and buy-wherever-you-like tissues, I carry a handkerchief. Admittedly only when I have a cold, but I carry one.

5. I’m scared of falling off. No, not only of heights, of falling off. Anything. Which is why I never learnt to ride a bicycle (meaning I walked everywhere in the English country town where I studied for a whole year – everywhere!) And why I am the last person in the house to get something out of the loft. And other such.

6. I don’t think I know six bloggers to tag…

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I tag Tatonnement, Nemo, Amateur Blogger, and the one anonymous blogger I know (just hoping you haven’t been tagged yet!)

And Chinmayi, thanks!


15 Responses

  1. On Wierd habit #1: ‘Don’t we know!’, says a long suffering student who sat up one whole night copyediting a paper just for Wierd Habit #1’s sake.

  2. “Weird” with an e-i, not “wierd” with an i-e! Chinmayi!!

  3. See what I mean!!!
    (I stand corrected though)

  4. I’m glad chinmayi tagged you! i was going to, but i figured you wouldn’t appreciate me linking your blog to mine. Thy anonymity shall be preserved!!! 😀

  5. Weird Habits #1 & #2: Very grateful that I’m the only weirdo in the world (as I’ve said before.)

    Weird Habit #3: I do it sometimes. Picked it up from a friend who has a (really) severe case of it.

    Weird(?) Habit #4: Weird? It’s downright hot!

    P.S.: I wrote mine as well! Thanks for tagging.

  6. Vinaya, thanks for the effort! 🙂

    AB, two of your weird things are copied from me!! Not fair!

  7. That’s just because we have so much in common 😉

  8. And which two? The first one is similar, but in my defense, read the earlier post I’ve linked to. So not copying.

  9. Decide. Either we have so much in common, or only one is similar…

  10. Only one of the weird things mentioned as seperate bullet points is common.
    Does not change the fact that there seems to be a lot in common otherwise as well.

  11. I give up! Only one point in common!

  12. This post has been removed by the author.

  13. You give up twice for one point :)?

  14. Blogger glitch – stands corrected!

  15. New posts please… enough commenting on this one!!!

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