(Pleasant) surprises

On a day without coffee, I was expected to go and sit through a concert celebrating the nth anniversary of an aunt’s dance school. I’d been to one of these things earlier, and it had been a terrific assault on the senses, so I was definitely not looking forward to it. Not when I hadn’t had coffee. (Are you bored with my caffeine deprivation? Go Away.)

To add to my misery, the bus was held up for an hour and a half for mystery reasons which had to do with the Registrar leaving. But it all turned out for the good, as they say: I was late anyway, so I showered and changed and got there half way through the program, safe in the knowledge that LS was ably representing me there.

Even the program turned out to be not-so-bad, actually. The n-years have had their effect, and the kids are now competent dancers – some are actually good! And all my favourite pieces were being performed in the second half – Ranga Saayee and a Krishna piece and a Thyagaraja krithi – nice!

Isn’t it surprising how even coffee-less days can end well?


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