Catching up, living ‘alone’, and other things

Dips is on a mountaineering course. Which means she is away in the Himalayas for 26 days. The last I spoke to her, she was in Manali, cursing the food and the fact that she had to give exams. Haven’t talked to her in ages – messaging just doesn’t cut it! And just when I have so much to talk about!!

BB should be back from her Himachali trip, but I haven’t heard from her – ki holo, non-sweetie?

As for the Unnamed One, she’s fast turning into the Unknown One.

P and I seem to have had a little too much of each other – and she’s busy getting ready to flee and fly (or fly and flee?).

Hee ho hi hum.


Living alone doesn’t seem like living alone – I’ve had a pretty constant stream of visitors (for as long as I have been here, that is!) FM stops by on his way back and forth from HQ every month, if he can manage it. LS is here now – fifteen day holiday. Good fun.

But I realise I’m living alone when I’m expected to ‘manage’ things – like deciding how much milk to buy, making sure there are veggies in the fridge, buying groceries – you name it! And it’s really brought home to me when the cook decides to bunk on a day when LS also has to go to work…


What ‘other things’? Bloody Bank is a pain in the neck. In this day and age, they’re out of checkbooks to issue to me. ATMs are a distant dream – I don’t even know where they are! I can access them twice a week, when they come to this Middle-of-Nowhere, and I’ve missed both turns this week, meaning I’m cash-strapped till I can figure out a way to get at my money…

Classes are in full swing and lots of reading for Friday. Yay!

LS has also brought back lots of books. Bless her.


4 Responses

  1. Ah well, the adventures in living alone. I take the easy way and eat out all the time. But then the easy way is not always the most healthy or the most economical way. It was foresight that I took an apartment just above an ATM. Which brings me to ask, which godforsaken bank do you use?

    Also, watchu reading?

  2. Not me, my employers use Indian Bank – the tyranny of a salary account!

  3. Indian Bank? Is that the same as Bank of India? Never heard of it…. and I know lots of obscure banks including Karur Vysya Bank. Indian Bank… hmmm.

    And thanks for an entire post on what you’re reading (in response to my question?)

  4. No, it’s not the same as the Bank of India… and my post was on what I’ve read, not what I’m reading! :p

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