Something that people who don’t know me very well always ask on finding out I teach a class of 20-22 year-olds: “So, how many of them have a crush on you?” I usually laugh, and sometimes, if the asker is worth the trouble, explain how the answer ‘none’ is not just me being (ahem!) modest!

I tell them I’m not the ‘crushable’ type (and my friends will know exactly what I mean!). First, I’m the mean bitch who will happily humiliate/flunk you if you don’t measure up. So crushing me is difficult. Then, even when I’m approachable, I’m the senior/advice-giver/feedback person, so it’s difficult to see me crushed. By the time we get to the we-are-friends-will-you-stop-calling-me-ma’am stage, I’m too much fun to crush.

That’s my three-pronged strategy for uncrushability – and it works!

Wish I could come up with something like that for cotton clothes…


9 Responses

  1. just buy crushed cotton- works everytime! 😉

  2. Eek! How inelegant!

  3. What’s your strategy for dealing with readers of your blog having a crush on you? 😉

  4. Don’t have one! Suggestions?

  5. No. I was just wondering what it was, since it’s clearly not working 🙂

  6. I think the reason I don’t have one is that it would be rather flattering – someone with the sense and intelligence to read my blog, no?!

  7. Ummm….. flattering for the reader cos he has the sense or intelligence to read your blog?
    Or flattering for you cos they have a crush on your writing/perception skills?

  8. both, no?

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