Has anyone noticed….

that we now have an ‘Oversight Committee‘? Has no one, including one of my illustrious ex-diros, realised that an ‘oversight’ is not just the noun form of ‘oversee’, but that of ‘overlook’? See here. In fact, it’s more commonly used to mean inadvertently ignore. Overseeing is called supervision.

So, whose little joke was this?!


3 Responses

  1. wow! look who I found! 😀 any particular reason that post has been up twice?

  2. rofl!! hahaha this is actually FUNNY…. 😛 and i didnt even notice… but im amazed no one has!

  3. on check up, dictionary.com tells me that oversight also has another meaning:

    o·ver·sight ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vr-st)
    1. An unintentional omission or mistake.
    2. Watchful care or management; supervision.

    hmmm. who woulda thought. and… more importantly, what a weird word! it almost means two opposite things!–>

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