Orpheus doesn’t believe I don’t blush.

Actually, I’ve never seen the point of blushing. I mean, I know pink cheeks are supposed to be pretty, but apart from that? Even when I do or say something I didn’t mean to, all I can do is giggle and hope the other person will have the good manners to laugh too. Anything else (like blushing) only makes us both feel even more embarassed!

But I do ‘colour up’ – when I’m angry, when I’m upset – is that a blush? Hmmm.


3 Responses

  1. I think it’s a flush.
    Welcome back…and thanks, thats really really nice of you

  2. Thanks for the welcome, mention not the thanks, and yes, a flush is probably what it is!

  3. Lack of comprehension again… Is Orpheus the pseudonym for an actual person? If yes, time to update the Cast of Characters.

    And there’s no point to blushing. It’s just something you can’t help.

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