An ad made me want to throw up

One of the most misogynistic promos I’ve ever seen – for Baywatch. You know – the show with all the men and women who are human(?) versions of the Barbie dolls?

The promo goes something like this*: a voice-over says, “You know why Baywatch is such a wonderful show? Because all the pieces have to be in place” or some such crap that sounds like it’s about a detective show. Except the visual to this voice-over is a jumbled-up picture of three women in bikinis, all the parts moving here and there while a man says this in the background, so you can see breasts bursting bikini seams, waists too narrow to be anything but anorexic, and red crotches between tanned legs, all moving as if they’re parts of a Rubik’s cube, till voila! all the ‘pieces’ are in place and you get to see three women wearing red bikinis, the letters on which spell ‘Baywatch’.


*I refuse to watch it again just to get accuracy here!


3 Responses

  1. Misogynistic? Most definitely not the work of woman haters….
    (Even I can’t think of the appropriate word, and it’s gonna bug me till I do 😦 )

  2. Misogynistic. Definitely woman-hating. Why else would they want to cut them up in pieces like that?

  3. Ah!!!! Didn’t get that! See what happens when I don’t read your blog for sometime.

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