Orpheus… and a little break

I’m off soon. To God’s own country, where (one of the perks of the job?) I have to babysit some exam papers. Exam takers too, actually. I was asked to go to Cochin, and gladly agreed. Decided to go a couple of days early and combine work with pleasure. Do a little sightseeing, be a tourist again. Ideas, anyone?

I realise this is actually the first time I’m travelling completely by myself. I mean, the whole trip – not just the journey. Usually, even when I travel by myself, I’m going to a known destination, to meet people I know, and the journey’s made interesting in the safe knowledge of ‘known things’ at the end. Will that change?*

As for things to do in Kochi, I’ve been entrusted with the task of bringing back bottles of spice extract. Apparently sold in Cochin airport only. MM asked FM for them the last time, and he brought back mirchi and jeera. MM’s face was a picture. She had wanted elaichi.

Yeah, all that, just to explain that I’m going to be away for a while. Which most of you knew already!

*And that sort of brings me to Orpheus – unknown destination, unusual trip. Where will you take me?


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