(not so random) thoughts

Nudes. The word brings to mind the fleshy, buxom women in Rubens‘ paintings, Venus rising from the sea in Botticelli, in Titian’s Venus Anadyomene. And later, the texture of Seurat’s seated nude. And the sketch of a female nude seen from behind – sitting with her legs folded under her… I can’t remember who that’s by!


2 Responses

  1. modigliani and klimt!

    i love the ones renoir has done as well… they’re round as apples and equally rosy. and van gogh’s nude sketches. not his most famous, but they’re drawings of the prostitute he stayed with for a while. and unlike most of the other nudes one keeps running into, these are not happy. theyre stark and full of despair.

  2. Are you talking about Van Gogh’s _Great Lady_? That’s a wonderful sketch.

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