Wow! Oh, wow!

Read this. Someone actually chased a cop down for jumping a traffic signal. And no, not inspired by Rang de Basanti.

This deserves a post of its own anyway – so no more now.


2 Responses

  1. Have linked to it as well…I remember this guy – he was a member of this bunch of crusaders called Nehru Bal Sangh….been to some of their meetings. It’s great to see that stuff transalated into action

  2. speaking of cops.. two weeks or a little more ago.. i was in madras.. went to the ariport with my uncle to see off someone.. two cars wed all taken.. i got off my dads car to get some air.. my uncle got off his to help the ppl with the luggage.. he had no ac in his car therefore his windows were open..his cell was on his seat. i saw a cop stick his head into the car.. i assumed it was to check why the car was parked there or something. cop then looks at me and grins. i thought letchy cop. when we left the ariport i shifted to my uncles car. 100 feet ahead we realised his phone was missing. i called it and saw the cop answer it and switch it off! much drama ensued. no one was willing to go check him out. i yelled for all the other sneior cops to hear that i saw that cop take it. one slunk away checked him out and realised i was right. the other cops sheepishly told us not to tell anyone about it. the thief cop then walks right past us to this beggar on the pavement, slaps him a couple of times and then comes and hands the phone to us grandly! i was positively repulsed.

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