Books and other things

As I re-read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I wonder how I managed to forget so many lovely parts of the book – parts that are so relatable. Lovely.

In other things, I wonder how all that steam I let off about reservations has left out one really important thing – the fact that the UPA was just trying to gain political mileage out of this for the elections, and it seems to have succeeded wonderfully! Lots of controversial publicity, in which the UPA can be seen as being ‘on the side of’ the vote bank it wants to please… The EC should have just disqualified the party when Arjun Singh made that announcement, shouldn’t it?

And reflections on scary exams… the reactions to this one scared me! They’re calling it the ‘toughest paper they’ve ever done’ and stuff – what nonsense! I’m beginning to veer round to the school of thought that they’re just going on about how tough it was so that I mark ‘leniently’… how do I make them understand that there’s no such thing?!


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