There’s one on the table in front of me here – buttabomma. It’s a clay doll, I think it’s peculiar to AP – it’s usually a girl in a langa voni, with her hands held up in a dance pose. The skirt, the torso and the head are three separate pieces, and they’re all balanced one on top of the other (in the appropriate order, of course) on top of the legs, which are fixed to the flat base. The effect is that each piece sways individually with the breeze, or if you touch it – very graceful. Like a dancer, which she’s supposed to be.

And there’s one on my desk at the office too – perched on my table calendar, in front of the inkpot. A rag doll, a clown with a long orange cap. My penwiper – for when I fill my pen with ink, which I can never do without getting ink on the outside of the pen. And usually also on my nose, but that’s a different thing. I get asked whether I made him myself – I wonder whether I look like the kind of person who makes rag dolls. Even as a hobby.

There’s also the stuffed banana on my bed. I know, the Freudian implications are mind-boggling, but LS bought it for me long, long ago, when she was too young to know what they were. If it’s ever possible to be that young. I mean, Freud was talking about sub-conscious impulses, wasn’t he? Ok, stop sniggering. It’s big, and yellow, and has red eyes and a smile with a red tongue hanging out. Rather cute. I said, stop sniggering!

LS also made that grey and white stuffed dog on top of the cupboard. The one that’s so dirty you can’t tell it’s grey and white. You see, we can’t wash it because we don’t know if she used washable stuffing. In fact, we don’t know what stuffing she used. And it was too long ago for her to remember. Ho hum.

The only other ‘doll’ left in the house is a little green and blue monkey, perched on my table lamp, the twin to which (a pink and blue monkey) Dimmy should have. If she’s any kind of friend, that is.

Update: Dimmy has the doll. Yippeee!!


4 Responses

  1. wow! I love the way you write!!

  2. Thank you!

  3. You still use ink pens? I can’t remember when I last saw one.

    Request: Could you please put up a list of characters somewhere on the main page? It’s too much effort going back 2 months on your blog to figure out who LS is.

  4. Am so in the habit of going straight to the relevant post to check for a response on my comment, that it was only later that I noticed my request had been granted. Thanks.

    Actually burst out laughing (my new roomie must think I’m crazy) when I read the last entry on the cast. 🙂

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