And even punctuation!!

The thought process set off by my last post led me to re-read Eats, Shoots and Leaves. The book now has its own website, did you know? And a game. Which is quite silly, but anyway.

Lynne Truss makes a point, though, that punctuation is, to a large extent, about personal style. Some people might think that there are too many commas in that last sentence. Or that there are too few in this one. Too bad – this is my blog!

So, another thing I love about my blog: I can punctuate the way I want, with no blue-pencil-wielding, grammatically-challenged editors to challenge me! Also a perk of my job – I can pepper other people’s papers with apostrophes, commas, full stops; change semi-colons into colons; even (annoyingly) circle a word and refuse to say what’s wrong with it… evil reigns!


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  1. Respected Madam,
    Would like to draw your attention to following post on the my blog which talks about some of the same things.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Me?

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