Nice plot for a soap opera

Eligible Bachelor finishes his IIT education and goes abroad for his MS. Just before he leaves, he declares that he and Distant Cousin are in love, and that they want to get married. EB’s mother is shocked – how could this be? She is sure DC had entrapped poor EB – seduced him, innocent child that he is. DC must have seen in him her only chance to get to the Land of Milk and Honey, and that’s probably why… In any case, EB is far too young to be thinking of marriage. He should go away and finish his MS and they could discuss all this at the appropriate time.

The next year, DC gets her student visa to LMH, and there is nothing EB’s mother could say or do to prevent her from gaining easy access to poor EB. Then comes the twist in the tale. DC says that she isn’t interested in EB, has never been, but he’s been pursuing her, and asks him to kindly lay off. EB goes into a decline, acts the drama queen, loses quite a bit of weight.

Then DC’s parents fix her up with a nice eligible young man, and a wedding is announced. When EB comes to know of this, dramatic music and still shots of all involved in the drama. EB feels he’s been cheated. He’d laid off DC only because she told him she ‘loved another’. If she was going to be married off to some arbit eligible young man, after all, he was the Eligible Bachelor! Also, he says, when he believed that DC loved him, because she said she didn’t want children, he’d gone and had a vasectomy. Now his life was ruined, all because of scheming DC.

End of season 1.

What would be really interesting about that is how there would be no clear cut good and bad characters. The people you think are the bad-guys become good-guys and then again bad-guys and so on. And there are also the subtle subversions. The wish to win love causes the young man (not the woman, which would be usual and maybe even expected) to do stupid stuff like having a surgical procedure. Not only to do it, but to humiliate himself by telling the world how stupid he’s been, thinking it’ll prove the ‘strength of his love’. And how such ‘sacrifice’ (or ‘adjustment’ as it’s politely called when women are expected to do it) is in fact just plain stupid, not normal.


One Response

  1. Har har har!!!
    No good or bad characters, but definitely dumb characters. You so have the makings of a successful soap.
    Desperately waiting for Season 2. I’m not much for soaps but the short version makes it readable.

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