Two things

First, Blank Noise starts in Hyderabad. Hyderabad city meet up on the 11th. 8 pm at the Banjara Hills Barista. Apparently Hyderabad and Chennai had the greatest response to the call to start off the project in various cities – good thing? Bad thing? In any case, since I can’t tattoo it on my forehead, I’m posting it on my blog…

Second, general ramble on writing. I’m beginning to see how this blog’s turning from a ‘writing for myself’ to a ‘writing for an audience’, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. While it’s more fun when I know people are reading what I’m writing, the comfort of not knowing my readers is also lost…

C suggested keeping a public blog and a private one – not a bad idea at all!


One Response

  1. I guess its okay till you know why you want to write on the blog… to create a perspective or to give voice to your chain of thoughts and emotions… I guess write what you feel like, whether for yourself or for an audience. But yes, if those two are two different stories, then… well separate blogs make sense

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