Meet the Awesome Foursome

When I first started blogging, I’m pretty sure I sent the awesome foursome a link here. But you claim not, so I’ll go along… now that you have seen it, I thought I’d introduce you.

BB asks why I’ve only written about her house and not about her. So here goes. BB is the Bengali Bombshell.* She’s tall (well, taller than me, anyway) and slim and leggy, has large almond shaped eyes and straight hair that looks like it’s been computer-enhanced, and usually behaves like she’s about five years old. She’s also one of the most adventurous, curious, fun people I know, and is good for a giggle any time. I recently discovered she has nice old fashioned notions of hospitality, which involve feeding people till they’re stuffed, letting them sleep late, doing their laundry and other such nice things. Being with her makes me feel like the cat who managed to get at the cream.

Dips/Dimmy is the adorable, bubbly idiot who patiently(?) bore five years of my falling asleep promptly at 10 p.m. even during exams, of my waking up in the morning with an idiotic smile on my face (caused by fact that I’m blind without my glasses), of books scattered on tabletops (she thinks tabletops should be empty, I disagreed). I’m paying for all that now, by being the person she calls when she knows no one else will listen. To be completely fair, I call her in similar circs. Actually, I think I paid for it by being the plain-best-friend-to-whom-guys-confided-their-unrequited-love while we were in college. She has a smile that lights up the room, and I’d marry her if I could (and if I were so inclined).

The Unnamed One is unnamed because I can’t think of a suitable nickname for this pint-sized bundle of energy who managed to get me (the most unathletic person ever!) onto every court/field/track in college. She’s the one I think I’ve most lost touch with over the years, but I have a feeling it sort of doesn’t matter. More once I think of a name for her.

*For all my male readers out there (at last count, one), she’s happily married to a really nice guy, so stop drooling.


2 Responses

  1. Wow! I’m the sole male reader here? (Unless the census bypassed me.)

    And I figured about BB being married from your previous post. (Bengali Bahu, new house…. Elementary, my dear Wat-daughter!) What intrigues me however is that no such mention was made about the others đŸ˜‰

    Since you’ve talked about only three other people, I assume you’re referring to yourself as the awesome fourth!

  2. Well, you’re my sole (male or otherwise) regular commenter!

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