Pressure Cookers

The one I’m using, specifically. It’s actually what used to be called a ‘pressure pan’ – the shallow thing in the ad in which raw brinjal turns miraculously into something resembling gutti vankaya koora – remember?

While this one doesn’t quite possess such miraculous properties, it is rather temperamental. There are two gaskets the same size in the house, and which one satisfies my cooker on a particular day depends on which one I can find. The other one will satisfy my cooker, i.e., prevent steam from escaping from the side, which is what both (or should that be either?) of them is supposed to do in the first place!!

So my rice turns into that tasteless mess which happens when it’s been soaked before cooking – and poor MM has to not only eat it but also listen to me complain about it. Well, not for much longer – date of relief is the 16th!

What odds I can get her to take the worst of the furnishing mistakes with her?


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  1. Know of this guy named Murphy?

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