… and I’m back!

Which is a rather stupid thing to say when I haven’t said I was going anywhere, but is not so stupid because at least one person noticed I was away! So, I did take that ten-day break, and instead of going off to Manipal to spend time with LS, went off to Delhi.

Yeah, Delhi. Just when I thought I’d escaped that city, father mine (FM) decided to move there. To be fair, he didn’t decide it, the powers-that-be did. And now, finally, after two and a half years, those lovebirds I live with (don’t kill me if you read this) are back together in the same city. Thanks to mommy mine (MM) managing to get herself posted to Delhi too. Which essentially means I spend my holidays in Delhi. Is that a good thing?

There’ve been so many things to blog about… where do I start?


One Response

  1. Holidays in Delhi? Of course, it’s a good thing. I’ve been away from it more than my usual 2 months this time and I so miss it. :(–>

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